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About Me

I am a graduate of a 2-year college with an associate degree in Graphic Communications. My emphasis was on illustration, but presently I spent more time learning about web technologies and improving my web site design experience. My goal is to obtain employment in either field of print or web design, and in the future perhaps more work with web application development. I am interested in providing design services to businesses small and/or mid-sized and am very interested in providing pro-bono work for non-profit organizations.

Right now my current skill set in regards to web design begins with proficiencies in Adobe Creative Suite and ends (for now) with front-end web development (i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and some backend development (i.e. Perl, PHP). Please continue below for my full resume of most recent experiences, education and work-related.


Please take some time to download and read my resume in either Word document or PDF format.

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Currently, I have only my most recent website designs for display below. To view the actual size of a design, click the thumbnail image next to its project description.
Gretchen Beck
Rooms To Go - 99Designs.com Contest Entry
URL: http://www.gretchenbeck.com

This is the portfolio of Gretchen Beck, an accomplished artist and art educator. She has created many great artworks and educated many youths over the years. Deciding to return to a role in fine art education, she contacted me to provide an online prescence for her work.

The design is clean and minimal, to draw more attention to Gretchen's artwork. Design was mocked up in Photoshop CS6. HTML/CSS conversion was done using Eclipse IDE. The website was developed using the Concrete5 content management system, jQuery, Zurb Foundation, and Fancybox.

Rooms To Go
Rooms To Go - 99Designs.com Contest Entry
URL: http://99designs.com/contests/28435

This design is merely a web design concept for the hotel interior decorating company named "Rooms To Go". The design was created as a possible contest entry at 99designs.com.

The design did not win, but I felt the overall design was a good design in terms of colors used (I stuck with the company's logo colors plus some neutral hues) and layout.

Alliance Marketing
Alliance Marketing Web Design Concept
URL: http://www.alliance-mktg.com

This company only had a landing page when they first came to Network Solutions, and they hoped we could build a full website under Network Solutions' "Do-It-For-Me Website Design Standard" package. My roles were to be both project manager and website designer for this project. While communicating with the customer, I created for them an initial design that was to be used with Network Solution's proprietary content management system.

The screenshot shown is of my original custom design for the home page. The customer ended up putting the project on hold due to personal reasons, so the currently live website has been modified by another designer.

Amtech Pest And Nuisance Control, Inc.
Amtech Pest and Nuisance Control Inc. Web Design Concept
URL: http://www.amtechct.com

Amtech Pest And Nuisance Control, Inc. has an existing website that they planned to have redesigned through Network Solutions. The objective was to give it a more updated look since their existing website is well over ten years old.

The screenshot provided is the design that was completed for and delivered to the client, also coded in HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.1.

Cornetta's Restaurant & Marina
Cornetta's Restaurant & Marina Web Design Completed
URL: http://www.cornettas.com

A well-established restaurant and marina which did not have its own website, the owner came to Network Solutions looking to create a new online presence. At the time, the customer wanted to bring in new business and to begin linking the website to more marina directories.

The customer was very satisfied with the design of the website, which mostly consisted of informational pages about the restaurant and it's extensive menu of meals, desserts, and wine. This website's design was a success on the first concept, which made me even more proud to help this client achieve their goal.

Southern Virginia Child Advocacy Center
Southern Virginia Child Advocacy Center Web Design Completed
URL: http://www.southernvacac.org

The client was a worker for this non-profit organization that helps abused and neglected children, so the core audience would be children and their caretakers who are seeking assistance. I felt that vivid colors that would represent the website as welcoming to parents and/or guardians and provide a warm and cheerful vibe for both caretakers and children.

Nearly a success on the first concept of the design; only slight changes were made to the header and content's font weight and size.

Awakening Vocations
Awakening Vocations Web Design Completed
URL: http://www.awakeningvocations.com

The client wanted a soft, calming, and welcoming website for visitors who seek vocational counseling and direction for individuals and groups. She wanted a design that was able to convey spiritual enlightenment and empowerment.

After some revisions, the website went live, and I hope it served her well, as well as serving her potential clients.

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Contact Me

If you are interested or have someone else who is interested in my website design service, please feel free to contact me.

Email: My email address won't display unless JavaScript is enabled for my website.
Google Voice #: My Google Voice numbers won't display unless JavaScript is enabled for my website.
Skype: alexandria_long

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